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Katmai Crater - Mount Katmai, Alaska, Katmai National Park

Puget Sound, WA

(by Robin Mellway)

in two months we will be boarding a plane to Brazil, landing 23 hours later in Rio, driving thirty minutes to Copacabana, and, while sitting on a beach, realizing why it’s worth it to work hard.

if anyone wants to check out our company, visit our website. we are new, just starting out, but we are building it with passion and focus.

it also doesn’t hurt to work for a multi-billion dollar tech company…but, yeah. kids, don’t wait forever to blow your hard earned cash (just read some paulo coelho, you’ll understand what i mean). before you know it you’ll be 24 and resenting all your friends that studied abroad and went to Europe for their senior trip. choose the most important thing to blow your cash on and do it.


Above the California Desert (by Brad Gillette)The salt crust is colored red by dense colonies of halophilic archaebacteria.